Pariah Missouri Complete Hardcover Collection

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Pariah Missouri Complete Hardcover Collection
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December 2017 update!
3 days ago – Sat, Dec 09, 2017 at 08:36:03 PM

 Hello Backers,

Hope you're all well.  I wanted to give ya'll an update.  Ventura, CA had some very serious fires this last week and my family evacuated.  I stayed behind, the house was very smikey, but we were a block away from mandatory evac, so I wanted to stay until they forced me out, in case I needed to stay my things with me.  Long story short, we were very lucky that the fire didn't get us, but it did for many others and it still rages on, so my heart goes out to all these people that have lost their homes, it's heartbreaking.  I've lived in Ventura for 14 years and I call this home, so I'm invested in this community.  I think we will get through it, but it's been a crazy week.

As for Pariah, here's the update:

Tradepaperback is DONE!

Deluxe Hardcover is DONE!

Here's some images:



 Proof came back, and looked great. I'm excited to get this in your hands!

What's left to do?

OMNIBUS:  So this is the last big hurdle.  Mainly it's some color correction that I'm working on tonight and fixing the colors.  As you know I re-colored a good number of pages and now I'm trying to get them all on the same pantone.  Mid-way through books 1 and 2, I switched my blues, from a Cobalt blue to a Tourquoise blue, so I need to get them to work better.  I'm also re-wroking some of the dialog in the beginning of book 1 and adding more narration from our deceased Marshal Cody.  I fell a litle like Lucas in going back to book 1 and changing it, but if I"m going to collect it all in one book I want to read well all together in one sitting, so I need to change a few things.  Once that's done, I'll pump out the digital version.

Printing:  I'm ready to make my print orders for the trades and hardcovers.  The Omnibus is still a little in the air, I could use the same printer as the hardcovers, but it's expensive and I'm not too happy with the quality.  I'm looking at another American printer I like, but a 330 page book might be too big for them.  Finally I could go overseas, but that's looking cost prohibitive.  So that's a puzzle I'm trying to figure out.  Either way on the Omnibus, I'm going to order the other books this week.  

Digital versions:  The digital versions are slightly different than the printed files, so I need some spend 2-3 days converting those.  I will probably do that next so I can just get those in your hands asap.

Shipping.  This is the non-fun part.  I need to do my sketches is the books, buy the packing stuff and get them sent out.  It will be happening!

Thank you all for your support and patience!  

Jose and I might be working on a new project very soon! (that reminds me I need to message him if he read the latest script.)


Omnibus mock-up & backerkit closes next week
28 days ago – Tue, Nov 14, 2017 at 06:19:26 PM

Hey backers!

NEXT MONDAY, NOV. 20. the BACKERKIT will be CLOSED and locked down.  That's your last chance to update your address, your rewards and any add-ons.  We still have 17% backers that have not filled it out. please do so, if not I can't promise you will get everything you should.  

Ok, I have some fun stuff for you this week.  Here is the mock-up for the Omnibus book.  I am going for a more graphic and book design.  I want this puppy not at just comic shops but all over.  What do you think?




about 1 month ago – Wed, Nov 08, 2017 at 10:46:27 PM

 Printer's proof of the trade arrived!  Looks great!  Going to go through it and looks for problems, but on a surface look it's great!  Very happy about it.

After this, I finish up on the Hardcover, then the Omnibus and Making Of book.

As many of you know, the backerKit is live!  I am giving you all 2 weeks to finish up then, I'm closing it and locking it down.  There are still 17% of you all that have NOT filled it out.  Please do so, so that you get your rewards!

More updates soon!


Surveys have been sent out!
2 months ago – Thu, Oct 05, 2017 at 12:31:38 AM

Hello Backers!  

I hope this finds you well.  You will all be receiving an email from BackerKit which you can make changes to your order, add ons and change your address.  Digital rewards will go out in a week or so.

I'll give you about 2 weeks to finish the survey and get it all settled before I lock it down.  Don't worry though, if something comes up, just let me know.

On the Add-Ons, some of you might notice something cool.  I've added SpaceBear my children's book, for those who might be interested in an educational and fun children's book, AND the SteamBear book, which has never seen the light of day yet, this is super new and I think it's even better than SpaceBear.  Very excited to share this with you.  This is the only way people can get this right now.

I'll encourage you all to share this link to people you know, so that people who did not join the kickstarter can get the books as well.  For me it's more the merrier and I'd love to get an even wider audience/readers so more people can enjoy the books!

I'm going to get the books printed here soon and then finish up with the Omnibus and get all the original art ready for backers.

So if you have questions or anything like that, send them my way, you can simply use Kickstarter messaging and I'll handle your questions.

Very exciting to show you this book!


BackerKit Surveys: FAQ
2 months ago – Wed, Oct 04, 2017 at 11:20:42 PM

Hey guys and gals, I'm sorry to send out another update like this back-to-back, I personally hate that, I'm always trying not to spam people, so today is out of the ordinary.  I decided that it's better to post something now before more people ask questions and we can clear up things.

#1 What if there's something that is in my pledge that wasn't on the list in Backerkit and I have this extra funds/credit?

Okay, I missed something.  Some of you bought original art and slipcases, and there may be some of the Add-Ons in the Campaign that were left out of the BackerKit.  I did that on purpose because the Slipcases weren't financially viable for me and I didn't want to get a bunch more orders, so if you got a slipcase, RAD, you are one of the lucky ones.  In your backerkit survey just put any extra credit into the TIP JAR and I'll understand what that means because I have your backer name and know that you ordered Art or a Slipcase, T-shirt, what have you. Now this isn't to say that you can't use the Tip Jar just to throw money at me, but also use it for any credit that your survey is showing and I'll make sure you get the correct items.  No one should have credit unless you got some add-ons that aren't in BackerKit.  

Hope that makes sense.

You can always email/message me and I'll respond.  Also throw your comments or questions here and I'll get to them here and everyone can see it.

Sorry again about the double emails.